Who we are

We are the only screen printer in Penascola, FL who uses water based inks. It is an ever-growing trend in the screen printing industry and is catching fire with the fashion oriented brands. Water based inks are evolving every day and are here to stay.

Touch Charitee Printing was created to assist in the growth of Touch Charitee. As the name grows, promoting both, hand in hand, TCP (Touch Charitee Printing) serves to supplement the intent of Touch Charitee.

At TCP, screen printing is not just a job, it is a hobby. We take pride in our work and strive to be the best at everything we print.

See Why Water Based Inks Are Right For Your Job

What We do

We are a full service screen printing shop that uses water based inks exclusively. We print anything from beer koozies to sweatshirts. Don't worry, that includes t-shirts.

Quality. Unmatched.

We employ the use of high quality water based inks to match the quality of our printing. We love to print and that is reflected in every garment.

Fast turnaround times

Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days for a maximum order of 500 shirts. Depending on the order size, it may ship sooner.

No hidden setup costs

We do not charge screen setup fees, nor do we charge any custom color matching fees. No hidden costs here. We keep things simple.

Additional services

On top of just standard screen printing, we offer additional services such as: design assitance, tag removal, and custom printed tags. We can be your one stop shop for brand development.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is on par with, if not better than, most shops that print with the industry standard, plastisol inks. And we offer a very low order minimum of only 18 garments. That's right, keep that money in your pocket.

Philanthropy Redefined

The screen printing portion of Touch Charitee is secondary to our true passion. At Touch Charitee we offer t-shirts for charity, where 33% of each purchase goes directly to a nonprofit organization.


What We Charge

Our pricing is based off of a colored (white is slightly less expensive) Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton t-shirt. Additional costs will be incurred depending on the style, brand, size, etc. Please see the notes below the tables and visit our Order Policy page for additional details. All pricing is listed as the cost per shirt. For an additional print location, add the number from the table to the first location price to arrive at the total cost per shirt. The cost includes the use of water based inks as that is our standard and only screen printing process. Contract pricing is available upon request.

First Location

Quantity 1 Color 2 Colors 3 Colors 4 Colors 5 Colors 6 Colors 7 Colors 8 Colors
18-50 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00
51-75 6.50 7.40 8.30 9.20 10.10 11.00 11.90 12.80
76-100 6.00 6.80 7.60 8.40 9.20 10.00 10.80 11.60
101-150 5.75 6.45 7.15 7.80 8.55 9.25 9.95 10.65
151-250 5.40 6.00 6.60 7.20 7.80 8.40 9.00 9.60
251-500 5.00 5.50 6.00 6.50 7.00 7.50 8.00 8.50

Additional Location(s)

Quantity 1 Color 2 Colors 3 Colors 4 Colors 5 Colors 6 Colors 7 Colors 8 Colors
18-50 1.80 2.60 3.40 4.20 5.00 5.80 6.60 7.40
51-75 1.50 2.20 2.90 3.60 4.30 5.00 5.70 6.40
76-100 1.30 1.90 2.50 3.10 3.70 4.30 4.90 5.50
101-150 1.20 1.70 2.20 2.70 3.20 3.70 4.20 4.70
151-250 1.10 1.50 1.90 2.30 2.70 3.10 3.50 3.90
251-500 1.00 1.30 1.60 1.90 2.20 2.50 2.80 3.10
  1. For quantities 18-50, a screen setup charge of $10 per screen will be incurred for orders with more than three colors in one location. All other quantities are free to set up and will not incur any screen charges.
  2. All of our printing is done with water-based inks.
  3. Artwork fees may apply depending on the type of file received.
  4. Standard print size is 14"x17". Larger sizes, up to 18"x23", will incur an additional charge of $0.50 per shirt.
  5. Standard turnaround time is 10 business days.
  6. We do not charge color matching fees.
  7. Minimum order size is 18 pieces.
  8. Maximum order size is 500 (anything above this please contact us).
  9. Image size does not change with the size of the shirt.
  10. Pricing includes sizes XS-XL (2XL and larger - additional $1 - $2 per shirt).
  11. Tag removal is an additional $0.25 per shirt.
  12. Custom printed tags are an additional $0.50 per shirt with an additional $5 per size setup cost.
  13. Ink color changes will incur an additional charge of $15 per color.

See Our Work

A small sampling of some of our print jobs.

We Give Back


While we love screen printing, our true passion is helping others and trying to make a difference where we can. We do this through our main company, Touch Charitee where we offer t-shirts for charity.

At Touch Charitee we design and sell t-shirts inspired by nonprofit organizations. With every t-shirt sold, 33% of your purchase goes toward funding a specific program service being provided by the organization. We feature the unique design and nonprofit until a preset donation goal has been reached. Upon reaching the goal, the donation is sent to the organization and the process starts all over.

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Please be as detailed as possible when asking for a quote. Share things like - order quantity, how many colors are in the artwork, how many print locations, what kind of shirt, what color shirt. Any other items you wish to share are always appreciated. Thanks!

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(850) 912 8238