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Order Policy

The conditions relative to your order are defined below.

Water based inks

All of our printing is done via water based and discharge inks. This is not the norm for the screen printing industry as water based inks are considered harder to work with. We enjoy the challenge and actually prefer the end result much more than the alternative plastisol inks. Water based inks provide a softer feel (hand) as they sit IN the fabric as opposed to ON the fabric like standard plastisol inks (PVC based).

Turnaround time

Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days from the time we receive your confirmation on the artwork and have received half of the order total. This time frame may increase depending on your response time as well as some of the conditions listed below.

Artwork setup

When you send us your artwork we prefer either an illustrator (.ai) file or a high quality (300dpi) photoshop (.psd) file, layered by color. This eliminates a lot of the leg work associated with setting up the artwork so that it can be printed. We will also accept .tiff, .jpg, .pdf, .svg, and .eps files but depending on the amount of work associated with setting up the artwork for printing, additional charges may be incurred.

Artwork size

Standard print size is 14" x 17". Larger sizes, up to 18" x 23", will incur an additional charge of $0.50 per shirt.

Created artwork

​If you need artwork created, we do offer design assistance. Give us a few ideas and we can put something together for you. The charge will vary with the detail of the art created. All artwork we are paid to create becomes the property of Touch Charitee Printing.

Screen setup

​​For quantities 18-50, a screen setup charge of $10 per screen will be incurred for orders with more than three colors in one location. Setting up the first three colors is free for this quantity but if four colors are required, a $40 charge will be incurred. All other quantities are free and will not incur any screen setup fees.

Minimum order size

We do require a minimum order size of 18 pieces.

Maximum order size

​​​​As a smaller outfit we limit our orders to 500 pieces. If you need more than 500 pieces printed we will require a longer turnaround time.

Shirt sizes

​Standard pricing is for sizes XS-XL. Additional costs will be incurred for sizes larger than XL.

Color matching

We will match any color you desire at no additional cost. We use what is called the Pantone Matching System (PMS). This service is never exact, however it is very close to the intended color.

Ink color change

Where multiple color combinations are requested for the same design, a $15 charge will be incurred for each color change.

Tag removal

​If you desire the removal of the standard tag from the manufacturer, an additional charge of $0.25 per shirt will be incurred. Depending on the size of the order, this may add to the standard turnaround time.

Custom tags

​We offer custom printed, single color tags at an additional cost of $0.50 per shirt. If you desire the size to be printed in the tag, an additional $5 per size will be incurred for setting up the screens to accommodate this. Depending on the size of the order, this may add to the standard turnaround time.

Image color

The artwork image may vary slightly from the actual product received. With each computer monitor's settings differing, it is nearly impossible to duplicate the colors that are depicted in the artwork.

Image sizes

The size of the image is tested to fit on the smallest sized t-shirt in the order. The image may appear to be smaller on larger shirts, however this is not the case. The image size does not increase with the size of the shirt being ordered. Where larger or smaller image sizes are requested, it will be treated and priced as a separate order.

Margin of error

With every order we require a 2% margin of error. For example, an order of 100 garments will have a maximum of 2 pieces that have minor printing defects.

Right to display work

We retain the right to display any print job as part of our portfolio.